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    Dynamic Link - Do the TL in AE but still have clips in PP

      Hi all! I'm working with a private project in order to learn as much as I can about the workflow in and between all the programs. I'm a pretty advanced user but no expert.

      I have a sequence in Premiere that I need to get into AE for chroma keying and color correcting. The keying was just on a few clips at the end, so I started with them, in PPro I marked them, right-clicked and clicked "Replace with AE Comp...". Got the clips into AE and did the keying, went back into PPro and saw that yes, the video there was also keyed, but all the clips were now one clip, so I am unable to trim them individually and such (I know there are workarounds but that's irrelevant for the question =P)

      You see I can live with just the few keyed clips being sort of pre-compositioned (for lack of a better term) but now that I want to bring the entire sequence into AE for color correction, I don't want all the clips of different tracks to be pre-comp'd in PPro. I want the clips to still be clips in PPro, even after I do the color work in AE.

      Am I making sense? =P Can this be done by doing some different kind of dynamic linking?