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    Why no Motion adjustment in Effects Controls/Video Effects

    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      I am not sure why the "Motion" option is not available in the "Effects Control Tab" under "Video Effects" on some clips but not on others. I have two video sources (both HDV) and have unlinked most of the audio from the video. The video clips in track 1 have "Motion" available. The video clips in track 2 do not, yet when I put the same whole original track 2 video in either track 1 or 2 the "Motion" option show up. If I move a clip from track 2 to track 1 there still is no "Motion" option when I select the clip. I must have done something to to disable "Motion" from showing up. Any ideas? This is of course CS4.0.1 with Windows XP 32 Pro and I just also tried a total reboot as a last resort.