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    No audio, plus now have to render clips

      Having this problem both with Premiere CS3 project opened in PP CS4, and also a clean, new test project. Clips captured to a Firestore FS-4 in avi type 2 format now have NO audio, PLUS they need rendering. Seems the issue is when shot, the camera was set for 12 bit audio, clip properties show 32000Hz in Premiere. I did a test capture today with the camera set to 16 bit, which show as 48000Hz, and the audio plays fine. Note that there is no error on importing, plus the icon in the bin has the speaker over the frame. Just no audio, no waveform, etc. on all my old clips. Plus, as I said, they now need to be rendered, didn't before. Worked last week in CS3 (and previous PP vers. for several years), why the hate from CS4 for 32kHz?? If I had to, I could render the video, but why isn't PP CS4 seeing the audio???