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    FCP import "generic error"


      Using Premiere Pro 4.0.1 (in Vista 64) to import a FCP XML file. I've had good luck getting bins to import, but sequences will not import. I get the message "The Importer reported a generic error". Any idea what might be causing this? Working with Quicktime DV footage.

      Exported XML from an older version of FCP (4.5, I believe). This version only has the format option of Apple XML Interchange Format version 1. Do you think I'd have better results exporting the XML from a newer version of FCP? Most of the tutorials I've seen use XML interchange format version 4.

      System specs:
      Production Premium CS4
      Quicktime 7.5.5
      Vista Ultimate 64
      AMD Phenom 9950 quad-core 2.6GHz
      8GB RAM
      1TB and 1.5TB SATA drives
      ATI 4870

      And, yes, I know it's best finish a project in the program you started. That's not really an option for me this time.