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    AG-HVX200  vs EX1

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      I just saw a feature shot on the HVX-200 and I was quite impressed. This puts the camera back in the race for me against the EX1. What do the people here think about these two cameras? Which one would you want to use on a low budget feature?
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          EX1. No doubt. Why invest in outdated technology with severely limited resolution?
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            What about the EX3 over the EX1? Is it worth it? I could sell my EX1 for 4000 Euros and get an EX3 for 6000 Euros. Comments?
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              The EX3 IMO would be the better choice. Exchangeable lens, better viewfinder and better ergonomics.
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                As someone who's debated the same thing, I think it comes down to this - do you ever see yourself needing (or wanting) to change the lens, and will you ever need the other features (features more aimed at studio production) not offered on the EX1? They both are going to capture the same quality image, so if you won't need the extras, save some cash (or buy extra SxS cards) and stick the EX1.

                If you want to go the Panasonic route, look at the HVX-170...better then the 200. I know a lot of people shooting with P2, so while some may claim it's outdated technology (and I'm not saying I entirely disagree with that judgement), it's a popular format. And DVCPRO HD does have some advantages - mainly not being MPEG based.
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                  I never change le lens but the viewfinder and the pimped up look makes the EX3 look like a real movie camera while the EX1 still looks like a Z1. On a movie set people want to see that pimped up camera to take the production seriously.

                  I have the following options:

                  (1) Keep the EX1 with 2 X 8 giga cards and an extra large battery.
                  (2) Sell the EX1 for 4000 and get the new EX3 for 6000.

                  What would you do?
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                    If you never change the lens, keep the EX1 and use the extra cash to buy SxS cards with battery, or a good matte box - that'll help "pimp" out your camera.
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                      Harm Millaard Level 7
                      It is hard to justify a depreciation of 20% in just a few weeks. Given your other question, where a few of us remarked that it may not have been the deal you were looking for, it does not really seems to make a lot of sense, unless you contemplate using the Fujinon WA lens in the foreseeable future (at a $ 3K cost). It is a great lens, but rather costly. If you do a lot lot of hand held work it may be sensible to invest because of the better ergonomics, but be prepared to invest in a good base plate. You may shave off your investment by using KxS storage instead of SxS cards. About a tenfold saving on the original price at the cost of reduced over cranking (up to around 48 FPS).
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                        Curt Wrigley Level 4
                        Its ashame sony choose the long gop style codec for the ex cams. Panasonic's codec is far supperior imho. Try editing P2 media. Its like butter. No long GOPs to calculate. And pretty darn good quality.
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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          It's a shame Panasonic chose to use outdated technology (PCMCIA) and resolution. Had they chosen for Express Card 34 and full resolution, it would have been a clear winner.
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                            joshtownsend Level 2
                            When the Panasonic came out PCMCIA was not outdated at all, every PC laptop had one. If they had chosen express card 34 'they would have had more compatibility issues'. Of course hind site is 20/20 Harm and I'm sure if they had a crystal ball 3+ years ago they would have switched.

                            Also there the full resolution thing. They went with a tried and true codec which always shot at that resolution instead if going LONG GOP. In fact the only shooting-to-portable-media-codec better than DVCPROHD is REDCODE in my opinion. The only other option is tethering your cam to laptop with huge hard drives to get the uncompressed 10bit 4:4:4 that is so awesome (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE was shot this way, laptop in the backback to stay mobile)

                            I still love my HVX but since they fixed the low light problem I don't see what the problem is. I like moving the camera a lot when I shoot my personal projects so CMOS jelly. long GOP and 4:2:2 color means a lot to me personally.

                            If your shooting wedding videos or straight drama the Sony might be better. Just my opinion and something to keep in mind. The Sony is a good camera and if I had the money to buy the extra lens I might pick it instead of the HVX200a.

                            One last note. The DV tape deck in my HVX200 has more than paid off the camera. It's nice to always have the option to shoot on tape if that's what the client wants.

                            You also might want reread all the threads about the editing problems with the codec the sony shoots with. P2 does edit 'smooth as butter' and is less compressed with more accurate color (4:2:2 is so much easier to key and do color correction).

                            As far as 'looking cool' on set like Eric said throw a matte box on it and it looks great. While your at it throw in some rods and follow focus. Any camera under all that is gonna look cool.

                            Just my 2 cents.
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                              Where do I get cost efficient matt box and follow focus for the EX1?

                              This product is price wise totally out of line:

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                                joshtownsend Level 2
                                You want a link for a cheap screw on Matte Box and cheap follow focus with to much play just so it'll look good on the camera? There are one's you can find for under a grand but they aren't gonna function all that great. What's your budget and what is most important functionality or looks?
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                                  joshtownsend Level 2
                                  http://www.cinetactics.com Cheap mattebox.
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                                    Looks!!! Definitely looks. :)
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                                      Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                      > Just my 2 cents.

                                      A well spent 2 cents. Very well put.

                                      > It's nice to always have the option to shoot on tape if that's what the client wants.

                                      How about archive to tape? I think thats huge too. Tapeless is awesome, but archiving is not. Who wants to archive to hdv or any variant of long gop? Flash is to expensive to archive, hardrives get rusty, and bluray may not exist in 2 years. A quality tape archive is nothing to sneeze at.

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                                        joshtownsend Level 2
                                        Thanks Curt I'm at the *** end of editing my first feature so the nice words are much appreciated.

                                        Just want to point out that the camera will down convert HD to DV but you can't use the tape to archive DVCPROHD footage. In the past 6 months I've been shooting more DV tape because it's cheaper/easier for me and the client (mostly when I'm a hired shooter, if I'm editing I shoot P2 720 at least so I have the CC wiggle room in post).

                                        For my personal projects 'shorts, my feature' I never use DV or tapes. Archiving to DVD or harddrive until Bluray becomes more affordable has worked perfect for me since I got my HVX 2+ years ago. Secret is to always keep 3 copies of your footage on separate harddrives. One copy at different location in case your house/office burns down. In 2+ more years Solid State hardrives will become the archive of choice. No moving parts....perfect.
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                                          Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                          Ah; i forgot the tape was dv.

                                          nevermind/ Im old and forgetful.

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                                            Bill Heslip Level 1
                                            >Tapeless is awesome, but archiving is not.

                                            With the price of a 16GB class 6 SDHC card running around $28 (and getting cheaper everyday), it's a viable shoot/archive option now. I can record almost an hour of best quality EX1 footage on one of those. A 60 min BetaSP used to cost more.

                                            Did I mention how much I like the tapeless workflow?