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    video within a video advice?

    fburleigh Level 1
      This scenario is probably common. Before I make my effort with my meager skills I thought it wise to ask for advice on presentation and technique. I have the Production CS4 suite and have reasonable facility with light edits, some transitions, and exporting using the AME.

      The scenario is this: We held a one hour memorial service for one of our faculty. One element of the service was a prepared "remembrance" video projected to a big screen; that included narration with music. We videoed (in "wide" format) the entire memorial, and I have the video for the "embedded" remembrance (in 4:3 format).

      I'd like to make one video that we could put on DVD, but want to replace the projected "remembrance" bit of the service with the prepared video, but in a way that makes the "embedded" nature of the remembrance video obvious without being distracting.

      The different formats of the two videos already suggests to me that there has to be *some* framing of the embedded video, and that maybe that can be an advantage. Like maybe you could have a background image that would appear to surround or "stage" the remembrance.

      I'd much appreciate any ideas about the implementation of this idea -- or alternatives if you think this isn't a workable plan.

      Thank you. And happy new year!
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          See Category:Picture-In-Picture, especially the tutorial on "edge treatments".


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Eddie has gotten you started with the PiP aspect - the technical aspect.

            One aesthetic consideration would be the size of the TV's that the final product is played on. If they are small, then you will probably have a pretty small PiP. Large screens help a great deal.

            You might think about occasionally moving to the PiP material, when a really poignant part comes up. This could be done in several ways, but I could see zooming the PiP up to full frame for these times.

            Depending on the framing of each segment, your background video and your PiP, you might also do a split-screen on occasion. I could also see duplicating the PiP into the four quadrants of the background video, and then back to just the PiP.

            A lot will depend on your exact footage, especially the background video and also the high-points of the PiP.

            Just throwing out ideas here,

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              fburleigh Level 1
              Thanks all. I appreciate both the technical direction and presentation ideas. It kind of is PiP, that's a good way to think about it. It's just a really big first P. ;-) In our case, the *only* focus while the "embedded" video was shown was the big screen -- no other activity was videoed. Were it not for the need to distinguish the produced video from the event video -- and the different formats, of course -- you could almost:

              - cut service video
              - insert produced video until it concludes
              - resume service video

              I'd guess the views will be *mostly* on computer screens with a few television views.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                OK, let's look at a "transition" from the service video to the tribute video. Maybe have a shot of people watching a TV. Fairly wide shot, with just the back of some heads and the TV playing in the background. Zoom into the TV only, until it fills the frame with the tribute video playing. Use the bezel of the TV as a framing element around the tribute video, which occupies 98% of the screen.

                The "audience" and the TV can be shot separately, and the tribute video can be matted into it. It would still be a PiP situation, and would require a Track Matte, that would be animated, but very doable.

                I'm sure others will have some different ideas.

                Good luck,

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  I'd keep it simple and just dissolve or dip to black from the live video to the prepared video. To handle the different aspect rations, just keep the left and right sides of the prepared video black.