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    Sb not displaying waveforms when dynamic linked to PR...

    fuaho Level 1
      I posted this in Soundbooth, but it seems appropriate here as well. Hopefully there's an easy answer:

      I have the following programs open - Premiere Pro CS4, Adobe Bridge CS4 & Soundbooth CS4.

      I create a new multitrack file in Sb. Click File\Adobe Dynamic Link\Import Premiere Pro Sequence and select the Project and Sequence. Click OK and the Video Track appears with the project name & (reference). There are thumbnails of the video images from the Pr timeline and a wide green band but no audio waveforms. No other audio tracks contain anything at all.

      The video track will play with audio and the meters indicate stereo audio but there is no audio visible anywhere.

      Workspace is "Edit Audio to Video," and Properties show the proper sample rate. All sample rates are the same throughout the timeline.

      One anomaly is that the Properties "Last Modified" entry is wrong as it shows today's date but about 4 hours later than the actual system clock.

      I guess I was under the impression that this workflow would enable me to open my 9 tracks of audio to do sweetening in Sb and that that work would be reflected in my timeline in Pr through the Dynamic Linking.

      How is this supposed to work? The documentation is less than useful in both Sb & Pr. There are implications, but no real information on what's what.

      Anyone doing this, and, if so, how???