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    OS X 10.5.6 CS4 Premiere Pro CONFLICT with VST plugins? Application CRASH

      Hi everybody,<br /><br />just tried to run the trial of premiere cs4. the application crashes on startup without even completing the initialization. instead a bug report comes up while the program scans the installed units / vsts-plugins that are already on my system (MBP 2years old, 4GB RAM). i have several vst-instruments installed for use with logic.<br /><br />what i figured out is: <br /><br />if i move my folder <harddisk>/library/audio/plug-ins/vst - folder (so premiere does not find the vst-plugs) the program works just fine.<br /><br />so my questions:<br />1. can i manually set a different folder for premiere to scan for plugins? o obviously do NOT want to move that folder back and forth every time i switch between premiere and audio-applications<br />2. is there a way to make premiere "understand" my vst-plugs (such as massive etc.)<br /><br />HAS ANY OF YOU EXPERIENCED THE SAME / ANY HINTS?<br /><br />I am really looking forward to your ideas - thank you very much in advance!