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    PP CS4 - No MPEG export?

      I have Windows XP SP3, 2 gigs of RAM, 3.5Ghz processor,
      NVIDIA 8800GTS video.

      I don't have any issues regarding error messages, etc.

      First, I downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 trial.
      I did a full install with every option selected (installed Bridge, OnLocation, Encore, Device Central, Media Encoder, etc.) and all sub-options.

      I can open (import, etc.) movies of various formats (.avi, .flv, .wmv) which will all play fine in the Previewer windows and will accept Effects applied, etc.

      However, there is no menu choice to export to MPEG.

      In the PP CS4 Help it says simply to choose File>Export>Media... and then select one of the various MPEG formats (1, 2, etc.)
      I have no MPEG choices.

      Of course "Save As" will only give you the *.prproj" choice.

      Sorry for the long list, but here are my choices for "Export":

      Audio Interchange File Format
      Microsoft AVI
      Windows Bitmap
      Animated GIF
      P2 Movie
      Uncompressed Microsoft AVI
      Windows Waveform
      Audio Only
      H.264 Blu-ray
      Windows Media

      Any help would definitely be appreciated. Thanks in advance.