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    A way to open corrupted projects?

      I've just spent 12 hours working on a project. Once I was ready to export the finished project, I received an error message from Media Encoder that it couldn't read the file. Before I had a chance to do what was recommended to resolve that issue in another post, the Premiere quit on me and now I can't open the project file to try again... Even the saved back up files aren't working. I hope someone can please tell me I haven't just wasted an entire day on this project only to have to recreate it.

      I'm working on a clean system install of Windows Vista (64). Quad core w/ 4GB of ram. The CS4 Master Collection is pretty much the only software I have installed on the system.

      After wrestling with codec issues all week, a co-worker loaned the computer to me to test out directly editing AVCHD footage this weekend - and until this point, it was working like a dream.