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    CS4  upgrade work plan needed.

    shooternz Level 6
      I will have CS4 upgrade in my hands within two weeks (sooner according to my supplier)

      My dilemma will be when to install (or otherwise) because I never do not have projects in post prod progress. Five currently.

      Common wisdom is do not change horses midstream. Previously I have installed to a new puter with each major upgrade of Premiere. I would prefer not to do so this time as the last puter is very currently specd and frankly - I do not need to maintain and set up another one. (Will do so if really necessary tho')

      I need a workplan - so my questions for now are:

      Can CS3 and CS4 co-exist? ie. plan is to edit new projects in CS4 and keep current projects in CS3

      Are CS3 Projects opening properly without issue in CS4? ie in case CS33 and CS4 upgrade do not coexist or is not possible in an upgrade install.

      What would you guys do?