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    HDV import  does not work

      I am a Premiere CS1 user. However as I'd like to work with HDV files. To start with, I downloaded the current Premiere Pro CS4 version, installed it and run it now in demo mode to find out whether it is worth to upgrade my old version.
      The software runs pretty well as long as I work with DV material.
      However, I have no idea how to import HDV material from my Canon HV30.
      While setting up new projects I can choose DV as import formats. There is no chance to choose HDV.
      In the running projects there is also no chance to make sequences for HDV material.
      Does anybody of you know what I'm doing wrong?
      Or is the HDV functionality switch of in CS4 demo mode?
      I'd appreciate any help as I don't want to spend lots of money and find out that HDV is still not working.
      Thanks a lot, Klaus From Munich, Germany