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    Fantastic APPRO CS4 but...

      Hi you all, i've been Adobe client for almost 10 years, and this step was realy huge, but has usual you always miss something. I've been trying the Demo (have Matrox RTX2 and I'm going to by the video collection)and as Video producer pro one of the tools that i use more is the Export to frame, normaly i take more then 400 frames each project, but now it seems that you have hide this tool...why? And where is it?
      This time you noticed the problem since 6.5 there where no simple way to delete effects from clips so you correct it, ok but please the export to frame was realy important.

      Anyway, congratulations i know about the most known NLE system and i do think that combined with the others software tools from Adobe, Premiere still the best choise.

      Best regards,

      Luís Ventura