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    FCP XML Import not working

      Hi all,

      We're trying to move a project from FCP into Premiere Pro CS4 (in order to eventually get it into AE). I've watched the video, I've read the Help, I've searched the forums but I'm stumped.

      We're exporting a project from Final Cut as an XML, then in Premiere choosing File>Import and selecting the XML file. We get the warning notice and a progress bar that completes and then... nothing. No sequences, no clips, nothing.

      Running an 8 Core Mac Pro with FCP and PP both up to date.

      Anybody know what gives?
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          fuaho Level 1
          @Stephen C. Webb:

          When you create the FCP XML export, there is a checkbox that says something to the effect of "Include all clips" or something. I don't have FCP so I can't tell you the exact language, but I have successfully moved over projects from Mac to PC on different computers by checking that box.

          If at all possible, make sure that ALL of the material you have used in your FCP project is in a single directory on both the Mac and the PC, then Import your XML file. Sometimes there will be a message telling you that there were FCP translation errors in the audio and these will be listed in a file in the Premiere Project bin. Usually, they are just some EQ or level problem and are not serious.

          Premiere will then look for the first file saying, "Where is.....?" Pointing it to that file will then successfully import every other file in the XML. If you have a complicated directory structure, you will be hunting all over to link the footage as every piece it can't find will bring back that dialog box. Since you are staying within a single computer, it's possible that Premiere will find everything in multiple directories, but maybe not.

          Of more concern are:

          FCP uses "Slugs" Do NOT allow any of these to be in your timelines. Create a Black.tif file in the proper size for your project footage and insert that instead.

          Otherwise, Premiere WILL crash.

          Do NOT use any resized footage or effects other than dissolves.

          Otherwise, Premiere WILL crash.

          If possible, only use the same size, framerate, etc, footage throughout your FCP project. It might appear to import mixed sizes but you will not be able to do anything in the timeline with them.

          And, Premiere WILL crash. You may have better luck on a single platform but all the above are from direct experience. Good luck!

          Also, This is a one way street because THERE IS NO XML EXPORT FROM PREMIERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          THANKS ADOBE............!

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            It turns out the problem is with MultiClips. Regardless of whether they are collapsed or uncollapsed in FCP, Premiere won't read an XML with multiclips in.

            The workaround I used was to use Media Manager to create a new offline FCP project (ensuring "Include nonactive multiclip angles" is de-selected), reconnect the media in the new project and then export an XML. Premiere opens this without any problems.
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              joshtownsend Level 2
              I wish After Effects could import Final Cut edits. Seems like Adobe did it only for Premiere so FCP user would have to buy Premiere and AE.

              Seems like the xml Final Cut import is just an easier way to get in After Effects. That saves FCP users from having to buy Automatic Duck but having to go into Premiere first is a pain.
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                fuaho Level 1
                Sorry for my ignorance, but what's a "multiclip?"

                Sounds like Multiple camera angles nested?
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                  A Multiclip is how FCP handles multi-camera editing (I believe the Premiere equivalent is a multi-camera sequence). In my case, there are 9 cameras covering a live event that I have synced in FCP and converted into a Multiclip. As you suggest, this creates a new clip that has the nine original clips nested.

                  Drop the single multiclip into the FCP timeline and in the viewer you get a 9-Up display with each angle running concurrently. You then select which angle you want at any given point during your edit (simulates the abilities of live camera switching).

                  In Adobe's "Importing XML project files from Final Cut Pro" document it states that Premiere will convert FCP Multiclips to multi-camera sequences - but only for up to four angles. What I hadn't realised is that even when the FCP Multiclips are "collapsed" down to just their active angles, the clip actually maintains all the data on the 8 other angles (hence the ability to then "uncollapse" them). Premiere doesn't handle the XML as it describes all 9 angles in the multiclip (which I only discovered by opening the XML in TextEdit and looking through it).

                  My workaround (using FCP's Media Manager) creates a new project in FCP that throws away the Multiclip data so the XML only references the active clips. Then Premiere plays nice.
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                    fuaho Level 1
                    That's definitely worth bookmarking!!

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                      Still isn't working for me.

                      I made a test sequence in FCP just to test this import out. Three DV clips edited into a 12 sec sequence. Export XML in FCP then move over to Premiere, Import->filename.xml, generic error.


                      I have tried exporting with and without master clips, maintain metadata. Every option.


                      I just do not understand how this is not working.

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                        Duskzero Level 1

                        I am getting the same generic error. Trying to import an XML from FCP into PP CS4.1 on a PC, Win XP x64.


                        When importing an EDL, the clips all come in but the timecode seems to be broken (the footage was originally shot on Red, and the edit is being done on 720p ProRes files). All the clips start at the very start, instead of at their in point.


                        Any further ideas?


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                          Well, if you try to import a XML from Final Cut 7 into Premiere Pro, it doesn't work. The reason is because Apple has changed the label sctructure in the labels of the XML. For example:


                          Final Cut 6 : <mastercomment2></mastercomment2>  (works in Premiere)


                          Final Cut 7 : <mastercomment2/>  (doesn't work in Premiere)



                          What i do is export a XML interchange format version 4 in Final Cut 7. Open in Dreamweaver (as XML editor), and use Search and Replace command from de edit menu:


                          Search : <(\w*)(.*)/>


                          Replace : <$1$2></$1>


                          And mark the "Use regular expression"


                          Replace all in the document (can be longer in time if the XML is large)


                          Then save the new XML, import in Premiere CS4... and voila... it works.


                          I don't know if this rustical method works always, but for me has worked in all the cases.




                          P.D. In the attach file there is a file that can be loaded in the Search and Replace option of Dreamwaver to make the job easier.


                          P.D.2 Sorry for my english

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                            Hey guys,


                            It looks like the Adobe gods have heard our plea. My Updater just downloaded the fix for Final cut Pro 7 Compatability! Premiere Pro 4.2.0 is upon us! It's installing now, so here's to hoping it works out right!




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                              fuaho Level 1



                              Please let us know the outcome.


                              And, good luck!!


                              BTW, another brain-damage prevention tip is that: as soon as the timeline populates with the XML imported clips, copy them all and paste them into a new sequence, and only work with that sequence from then on!


                              Oh yes, there's also a good possibility that the keyframe stopwatch icon under Opacity has been selected for every clip.


                              This can be rectified - before you do anything else in the "Effects" categories - by selecting the first clip, deselecting the stopwatch, right clicking on the clip and selecting "Copy Attributes." Next select all the other clips, right click and "Paste Attributes."