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    HD to SD for DVD

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      I came across a very interesting article written by the Cineform people. I have not had a chance to test this but it seems like a VERY easy way to down convert. He says the results are great and you can do it straight from Premiere. So much easier then using all these other tools. That is if it works.

      Check it out:

      Here is a quote:

      Simply exporting the timeline to 1080p first, then using that new file to export to DVD solves the problem, without ever leaving Premiere."
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          Thanks for the article. Good find and useful info. I've tested 24p dvd's and I'm not sure I agree with him 100% about native 24p MPEG but I never did the extensive tests he did and David knows more about codecs than everyone on this board combined.

          Don't tell Jim though he still thinks shooting in HD is a waste of time if your output is gonna be DV.
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            I'm still willing to observe proper testing results - same scene, same camera, shot twice, one in HD and once in SD, then both output to the same bitrate MPEG2-DVD files.