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    No preview for hdv capture window

      When I try to capture hdv I am not getting a preview of the footage in the capture window while browsing the footage. I realize that I will not get a preview while capturing but I should get the preview while just browsing through the footage yet all I get is a black screen. I do have full control of the camera via premiere and the captures do actualy work. This used to work fine with cs3 but stopped working with cs4. The regular DV capture works fine with the preview. Its a sony fx1 hdv camera. Also when I click on capture setting nothing happens but if set to dv capture the capture settings give me options including preview settings.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Yes, I get HDV preview untill capture. I would be looking at all your drivers. My Quadro FX 4400 would not run under any driver I tried and now have gone with a nvidea 8800. The only thing now that does't work for me is export to tape, yet HDV does!
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            If it suddenly responds when you set to DV capture rather than HDV capture, then you may have a settings mismatch somewhere. If the cam and Premiere aren't in complete lockstep you'll have problems like this. If the cam is outputting DV, either because you recorded that way or are downconverting, you'll have trouble if you've set up an HDV project. Double check all your settings to make sure they match.

            Of course, this is applicable to CS3; I assume it's the same with CS4. You've probably checked this already anyway.
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              I was getting the scrub preview when I first started using HDV in CS3, and one day it just stopped working and I couldn't get it back. Now I just flip open the camera's LCD view-finder and use that. But I do remember getting the preview in the capture window for about a week. Strange:

              Camera is a SONY HVR-A1U, which has only become one of the most widely used cameras on the planet, meaning that it will probably never have a listing in the camera settings...sigh. Those Adobe guys don't seem to get out in the world much.
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                > Camera is a SONY HVR-A1U, which has only become one of the most widely used cameras on the planet

                I doubt that.
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                  Well, it's actually a sad shortcoming of Premiere CS4.

                  I'm new to PPro, and CS4 is my first, in fact I'm new to video. What little I know, I've been doing with Final Cut.

                  So the answer to your question is actually "it's by design", hence my commentary.
                  Ref: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/PremierePro/4.0/WS00B136B2-33DB-49a0-B247-6521242FDBDAa.html

                  On the Mac, it's actually worse - HDV capture preview is totally non-existent.

                  It's a minor annoyance for me, and it could still "grow" on me - since video isn't being transferred to PC while previewing, there is no perceived delay, and the keyboard shortcuts, I and O, are the same (with FCP).

                  Landed on this post after searching for what I thought was a capture setting problem, and also found the above links that answered it for me. Hope this helps.