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    Green Flashes

      The Green Flash has come to haunt me.

      I've been encoding an mpeg2 file from my EX 1080i HQ timeline with AME Each time (I've done eight encodes now from this sequence) AME throws a green flash somewhere in the five minute piece. The flash might be lower half, full screen, or even oddly taking the shape of something in the video frame at the time. The sequence itself is clean, no green flashes there. The green flash will actually show up in the AME window during the encoding, but only if that particular frame happens to be sampled (I'm not seeing 30fps in encoder window, more like 2 frames a second).

      I would consider that this is AME's way of disagreeing with a bad frame, but it never renders the same problem twice exactly the same way. Theories, anyone?

      I'm running CS4 4.0.1 on 64 bit Vista, AMD 2.5GHz Quadcore, 4 Gb Ram. CPU temp is in the green at 51 degrees Celsius. Quicktime 7.4.5 (having uninstalled 7.5.5).

      Thanks for any help,

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          joshtownsend Level 2
          My theory is Premiere CS4 has turned us all into beta testers that actually pay the software because it comes in a package with the other CS4 programs which work amazing.

          Seriously, They come out with a new version every 15 months and each time it contains problems that were fixed in the last version. Hell I think Adobe cares more about Soundbooth than Premiere.
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            Josh, I too have been struggling with Premiere CS4. Lots of crashes. Regretting not having invested in FCP at this point, and I've been with Adobe since Prem6.

            But I have a client expecting a DVD at in eight hours. Gotta turn my lemon into lemonade right now ...
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              joshtownsend Level 2
              If you have After Effects try rendering it there, that seems to be the most common workaround. You also can export as an AAF file and open the project in another program to render (like CS3 if you still have it). Maybe download the Vegas 8 trial then import the AAF. Sony should render your camera fine being of the same brand.
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                I'll look into the AAF export. I still have CS3 and could install that. I don't have AE or Vegas. Hey, I got the same green flash (lasting a few frames, actually) exporting from my EX files to Microsoft AVI this time. Color me happy. Thanks for the ideas, Josh.
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                  I've replaced the EX Files I work from on my video drive with the same files I have stored on my backup drive. The green flashes have disappeared! Apparently some of video drive files were (partially ... one bit? one sector?) bad. -Scott
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Glad you got it sorted and also had backups. Thanks for reporting.

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                      I've exported AVIs to ipod small mp4 files and they blink green 6 times at the beginning of the mp4 file when played in quicktime. VLC Player plays them just fine.

                      What's going on?
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                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                        Quicktime sucks? Use VLC.
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                          That doesn't help if all the ipod users see green flashes. I'm working on testing them on an ipod to see.

                          Side note, the format I'm using is H.264, the preset is ipod small video. My quicktime version is 7.5.5

                          We are not the only ones with issues. checkout the comments here. their h.264 flash videos have green in them too: