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    30 fps to 25 fps

    ruusnak Level 1
      Does anyone know what settings in PPCS4 would give smooth playback when converting 30 fps footage (from Canon 5D MK II) to 25 fps? Every setting I've tried gives jerky output. I also tried the ConvertXtoDVD program, and it works beautifully out of the box, with very smooth DVD playback.
      In the very near future, I need to mix Canon HV20 (25p) and 5D (30p) video,
      so converting the 30p footage to 25p should be the first step, final output being a PAL DVD and a blu ray disc
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          hi jouko,

          what settings have you tried and what are you playing back the output on? For me, converting 30fps to 25fps has always worked.

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            ruusnak Level 1
            Prateek, the 30fps to 25 fps conversion kind of works, but the output is jerky/choppy. It is playable, but not pretty to look at, because motion is not smooth like in the original 30 fps clip. It does not matter what the output format or media is, the result is the same. A search on the net suggests that there are some more intelligent ways of doing the conversion than the one implemented by premiere's mainconcept codec