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    Illustrator - the most frustrating thing in the world

    Kapitaine Level 1

      First of all - why didn't I post this in the Illustrator forum?

      1 - I have an account (clearly) but for some reason it wont let me login with those details on that forum? Do I really need to have two seperate credentials to use on these forums?? I thought Adobe would have sorted this by now.

      2 - I use Fireworks, so maybe some of you might help me in the process of understanding how Illustrator differes to Fireworks.

      My Problem:

      I can't for the life of me figure out how to use the eyedropper tool with a gradient. For example, I have some text, I then go to Object --> Expand. Then I can add a gradient. Fair enough. However, I only seem to be able to pick from the (really annoying) colour palette. How can I pick a colour from some other object on screen? Using the eyedropper tool may solve this, but when I use it, it simple fills my object with a flat colour and not on the gradient marker like I'd expect it should.

      Any ideas? In fireworks, this is an easy thing to do. I'm sure it is in Illustrator, but I absolutely hate the way Adobe lays out their software UI, it's a mess and non-intuitive.

      Also have this problem not only with text but any gradient I actually try to apply.

      I realise Illustrator is a great program for vector and I really want to get to use it, but I'm pulling my hair out about this...and many other things.

      Many thanks for your help.