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    Cannot export to movie without media encoder!

      Past workflow has involved exporting an avi to a watch folder. With CS4 I cannot export an avi without using the media encoder. I see no problem with using the encoder to do the work, but there are instances when I would want to export "same as source."

      Pre-rendered elements
      Export edited segments to other edit suites
      Utilize a second computer system to do the encoding
      Use other encoding software

      It is much slower to export an avi using the media encoder rather than the export > movie route of the previous cs versions. For example, I edited a 3 minute video on cs4 and it took 11 minutes to export as an avi. It actually took even longer (up to 20) to use encore's transcode settings to encode for dvd.

      I ran a test on cs2 with a 30 second spot. It took about 15 seconds to export the avi and another 15 seconds to encode as mpeg2 using a 3rd party encoder.

      I have a project coming up that has an extremely tight deadline. I will be editing hour long programs and exporting them for dvd. If I am to use cs4 I will have all kinds of time problems, not to mention I can't do this on multiple computers for processing (1 for editing, 1 for encoding, 1 for authoring). Just to estimate: In CS2 it will take 1 hour to export and encode the video, and up to 7 hours to encode if I were to use cs4.

      Are there any solutions to the mandatory media encoder process of cs4?