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    Adobe Media Enconder and WMA 5.1 Channels don't work.

      i have just installed Premiere Pro CS4 on a fresh Windows Vista Home Premium. (Sp1 and 100% just Updated with Windows Update)
      After first fails on my target, i installed also the latest update for the Media Encoder (4.0.1??)

      I'm able to open Adobe Media Encoder and to import files to work on(i tried a lot of file and also of extensions).

      My settings are:
      Windows Media Video (tried about all availables output settings and codecs)
      Windows Media Audio 5.1 Channels (Both WMA 9 LossLess and 10 pro); Various Bitrates and Frequencies.

      When i come back to the mai windows (exiting from the export settings), i naturally start the Queue, and, surprise the Audio settings are changed, sometimes to 100 kbs 2 Channels, sometimes to 4 kbs 2 channel, anyway ever 2 channels and not right Kbps settings.

      I maked about 100 tests.

      Now i will try to:
      - Re-install Ms Windows Media Encoder 9 series.
      - try to encode a file with the Ms Windows Media Encode series to see if the codec is working.

      Meanwhile, please, if someone have a tip for me, i will be very happy for this.
      My target is to get Movies (with 5.1 audo channels) to share with my xbox360. (by WMP11 and over network)

      Sorry for my bad english, please, i'm from Italy.

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          i found a possible cause(it's not 'possible', is the cause...)

          I tried to encode some files using Windows Media Encoder....
          Naturally when i set Multichannel Audio (5.1) with a 2 Channels Input file i get an error and i cannot proceed...

          Then i used my file ( it is VOB file muxed in an Mpeg 2 Transport Stream container ) and i got the same error. I don't know why, because the Source Input is now AC-3 Multichannel).

          Then, i think, Adobe Media Encoder when start to encode should not set the WMA settings to multichannel and then come back automatically to a compatible format.

          It's ok, i solved my question myself, but now i have another question, because your Adobe Media Encoder appears to be the most simple, immediate and powerful tools on market:

          Wich is the way to encode a DVD to WMV with Multichannel?

          According to your offline tips, i used memcoder to get a single great vob file with Audio and Video streams.
          After that i used Avidemux to transport the vob file to an Mpeg2 Trasport Stream compatible with Adobe...

          Any suggestion?