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    movie workflow question - suggestions

    joshtownsend Level 2
      I've got my cut of the movie locked. I shot with an HVX-200 1080 24pa. I have the movie split up into 7 reels each 12-20 minutes long.

      I'm at the point were I'm going to send each reel into after After Effects for final color correction, fixs, denoise, roto ect, . From there I'm going to render to uncompressed TIFFS and use those for whatever output formats I need. Also big projects tend to choke some times and with a still sequence I can always restart a crash where the frame left off. It'll also save time render to the various format.

      Then I'm sending the audio as OMF (with tracks separated into dialog, temp music, temp soumd FX and ambiance/room tone)to the composers, sound FX and for final mix down. (I've already got all that set it up)

      I need to consolidate all the footage so I can free the terabytes of rough footage out of my computer and into storage along with the back-up hard drives. Another reason is I'm going to move to another computer (Vista64 16 gig ram i7 quad) and having all the files in one folder will make re-linking them easier and everything easier in general since my footage is spread over 6 hard drives.

      I've reducing each reel and trimming it with 48 frames handles with the 'Project Manager'. The after effects clips dynamically linked in the project ARE NOT BROUGHT OVER into the new folder. Not even the project file. So I have to copy the AE projects over to the folder for each reel, right?

      Then I have to open each AE file and re-link the footage as well as copy the footage used into my new consolidated reels. I have about 20 AE dynamic links in each reel. I did it only on shots where the AE work was needed to lock the cut.

      Can anyone think of a faster or better way to do all this? Thanks
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          joshtownsend Level 2
          Seems like there not many people making features or big projects with Premiere..............
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I'd help, if I could. I've done several feature-length edits in PP, but only in PP2 and with SD footage.

            Only reason that I'm posting, is to let you know that some people are reading this, and would stepup, if they had anything to share.

            Good luck man, if anybody deserves the undivided attention of others here, it's you - considering the input that you have offered on so many issues, someone gotta' have some good answers for you.

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              It reads to me like that's the best way to go, Josh.

              One thing I always do for every project is in the project folder I create a folder called AE, and everything After Effects related lives in it. I find it SOOOO much easier when I have to use the project manager and consolidate down at the end - I just copy that folder over and everything's right there.

              What's your final output going to be?
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                joshtownsend Level 2
                Thanks Eric, good idea for the future. I'm selling the movie most likely straight to DVD. I already have a few companies ready to fly me to Hollywood for a look at the film so I plan to get flown to LA for free and have as many meetings as I can set up while I'm there. I'm also talking to a few Producer Reps about selling the movie for me.

                My final output will be Blu-Ray, regular DVD and of course being able to save DPX for the off film release would be awesome. Even though I know it's unlikely I want to be in a position where it won't be hard or more expensive to do it. Once I sell the movie I want to be able to keep all cost to a minimum and have as much pre-prepared as I can. That's another reason why I want to render to an uncompressed Tiff sequence. So I can render whatever I need and technically it'll still be only a second generation print.

                Thanks a ton for the kind words, means a lot. I think that Adobe needs to seriously think about beefing up Premiere so it'll be as reliable as Final Cut and AVID. There obviously aren't very many feature cut with Premiere and the reason is obvious. With the RED camera support Adobe has a chance to get a foothold and become a NLE that can be used on features.

                I'm still praying that Adobe add an NLE to After Effects and goes 64bit even if that mean waiting another cycle. Best case would be to combine AE and Premiere and Maxon C4D and maybe Syntheyes for 3d tracking. That would be an all in one KILLER APP.

                Thanks everyone.

                Josh Townsend
                Empty Bottle-Loaded Gun Productions
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                  fuaho Level 1

                  Well you've put your finger right in the middle of the HD dilemma - what to do with the massive amounts of material.

                  All I can suggest is:

                  Be as conservative as possible and don't take anything for granted.

                  Perhaps a few smaller test consolidations before you bite the bullet?

                  And a few tests of the Dynamic Link clips to confirm your workflow?

                  And waiting until you've conformed one reel before jumping to a new computer system, while keeping the original alive and well...? This will help eliminate system surprises.

                  And make backups of all your project files for Premiere and After Effects, etc., and keep them elsewhere - a safety deposit box; a safe; any place offsite that is fireproof, etc.

                  At this point you've probably got dozens of versions and variations, so taking a day or two to get your housekeeping in shape will also be beneficial to the upcominging chaos.

                  Good Luck!
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                    joshtownsend Level 2
                    Thanks William, I've done all that and every things coming OK. It is great advice that luckily I've manged to find out by trial and error or the past couple years. I lost a half script that was done then years ago on a 386 because I relied on auto-save so I learned a hard lesson a long time ago. I'm actually a little paranoid about that stuff. I back up my footage at two physical locations in case one were to burn down. I also email new project files daily and burn weekly just in case. I'm super paranoid about that stuff but other than I'm normal. Funny you mentioned house keeping because I did just that all day yesterday. :)

                    I have hundreds of version of the edit still on my computer. It took two years to shoot and finally edit the thing but I never lost any footage, have all my projects files even from the rough cut.

                    Thanks for everything guys, I think I have this nailed and safely. We're gonna start promotion next month while it's being scored and cc'd I plan on writing an article about my experience editing a feature with Premiere.

                    If anyone has any questions or something I can help with my email/number is below. I don't mind helping out serious filmmakers, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the help other have given me.

                    Josh Townsend
                    Empty Bottle-Loaded Gun Productions