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    Frames Missing When importing an AVI into CS4

      I am trying to assist a user at work with an issue he is having with an AVI file. When he brings the file into CS4 to edit he only gets about 6 frames viewable with the rest black, it is a 20k+ frame file at about 21gb. Audio imports fine.

      Gspot states that the video is DIB (_RGB) BI_RGB Raw Bitmap, no codec required.

      Initially the file was a VOB that he ran through virtual dub to create the AVI file. The resulting AVI file plays fine in Media Player and works in Windows Movie maker. Not sure if that is a great test or not, but it tells me that it probably isn't a codec issue with the PC.

      I have run the file through virtual dub again and checked some boxes under options to only use internal codecs as opposed to any 3rd party codecs that may be installed. The resulting AVI was identical however.

      Any help is appreciated, I am pretty stuck since I am not very familiar at all with video editing, and no one around me is well versed either.

      *Edit* - Complete Gspot Info -

      Container - Note : 15.4 GB unneeded bytes at end of file / Multipart OpenDML AVI (3 Parts) / (2053 Frames in first part, 20130 frames follow) / Interleave: 1 vid frame (33ms), preload=512 / Audio Grames: Aligned on interleaves

      User Data/Metadata - (Junk) VitualDub Build 30009/release

      Audio - Codec 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 / Info 48000Hz 256 kb/s tot, stereo (2/0) / Stat Codec(s) installed

      Video - Codec DIB (_RGB) / Name BI_RGB Raw Bitmap / Status No Codec Required

      Proposed Codec Solutions and Tests is completely blank....

      *Edit 2* Sytems is Premiere CS4 4.0.0 - We have not yet updated to 4.0.1