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    Miss advertised specification of CS4 and SDI and analogue I/O cards


      I have CS4 and a decklink card, I have been waiting for some time now for support to come. This would be less infuriating If I hadn't removed the card from a CS2 machine installed into new upgrade machine with new CS4, all the news says "soon" so I have been waiting and not re-instateing the old CS2 machine.

      This is not what you advertised.


      I quote incase the page goes away

      Key benefits include:

      Adobe certifies Blackmagic Design video capture cards and I/O devices for Adobe Premiere Pro compatibility with features including support of native Adobe RT effects, RS-422 deck control, and frame-accurate batch capture.
      Capture and playback occur through the Blackmagic Design video output using Blackmagic's 8-bit and 10-bit uncompressed AVI CODEC and 32-bit TARGA and BMP image sequences, which can all be played back in real time without rendering.
      Blackmagic Design's professional video products include connectivity solutions for a number of video formats, including SDI, DVI, HDMI, Component Analog, S-Video, and NTSC/PAL.
      Also supported are embedded SDI audio and balanced and unbalanced analog audio, with an ASIO audio compliant driver for multichannel audio in Adobe Premiere Pro.
      All Blackmagic Design products can be plugged into both Windows® and Mac OS X systems.
      Blackmagic Design products eliminate problems when working with HDV based video. Unlike HDV and DVCPRO HD, which use reduced resolution, Blackmagic's full, uncompressed HD resolution and online JPEG compressed codecs maintain the full resolution of HD video.

      This just isn't true, how can you advertise a product as being compatable which is generaly what one would expect from the phrase "Adobe certifies".

      Any response to this much apriciated.