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    CS3 issues fixed in CS4?

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      Have the following issues in CS3 been fixed in CS4:

      (Note: a few of these I've found already in the forum, but I am including an all comprehensive list anyway).

      1. Self resizing title pane.
      2. Still tiff image import incorrectly interpreted as an image sequence.
      3. Crash when exporting timeline directly to encore for disc burning.
      4. Audible clicks at audio edit points in final render.
      5. Missing shortcut menu items.
      6. Crash on rendering directly to cineform HD file (vs. AVI with cineform as compressor).
      7. Crash on rendering tiff images when more than one layer of images overlaps, (work around is to render images as video clips and replace - a pain).

      In the past three years I've upgraded three times and I'm getting tired of drinking the cool-aide.
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          Curt Wrigley Level 4
          1 is fixed.

          Never heard of or experienced the rest. #6 may be a cineform issue.
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            shooternz Level 6
            I am not entirely convinced #1 is fixed.

            I have experienced a Titler pane resize in CS4. It was late in th e year and I had no chance to see if it was repeatable.

            Back to work on Monday and I will keep an eye on it.
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              You're right Craig - it's not entirely fixed, but it's FAR better then it was. I've seen it slightly resize after multiple openings of the titler window.
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                Thanks guys. It's nice to see they made and effort on an obvious issue (although I wonder why it's such a hard fix for simple GUI problem?)

                However, removing the export frame and placing it on AME was the deal killer for me.
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                  "However, removing the export frame and placing it on AME was the deal killer for me."

                  You know, Peter, I have to say, there are many things people aren't liking about CS4, but the "deal sealer" for me is the new AME. As I type this, I've set it up to encode a bunch of different versions of a project, and no longer do I have to sit here and baby sit PPro. I can finally walk away knowing all the clips will encode, and when done they will all automatically upload to my FTP for clients to see.

                  There are too many things I love about CS4 for me to ever go back to CS3...but that's just me.
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                    I agree that moving AME to standalone was a good decision. But I've been cntl-shift-Ming frames for years. Handing that chore off to a separate application is like swatting flies with a canon.

                    How does CS4 handle single tiff images? I render animations as image sequences and edit in CS3. It's no issue if I import those sequences as image sequences (selecting the image sequence checkbox). However, CS3 treats single image files from sequences as single frame video clips. I have to copy the image to a separate folder and re-import.

                    The bigger issue is that I'm fed up with three complete upgrades and have not had any significant improvement. I recall having better results and smoother workflows with CS 1.3.1.

                    I'm only two projects left open on CS3, then I have to make a serious decision and maybe demo that Studio 2 package my local mac vendor has been bugging me to do.