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    Premiere CS4 - Is it ready?

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      After reading quite a few of the threads on this forum I am wondering whether it is wise for somebody to start editing a feature in CS4 rather than CS3. It appears there are still many bugs to be worked out and if CS4 fails half way through the 2 hour projet one can't go back to CS3 to finish it. What are the thoughts on this?
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          Rather that either CS3 or CS4, it might be wisest for you to do your feature using Ppro 1.5. Its set of workarounds have been pretty much set in stone by now.

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            That is also my question. Since CS2 it's easy to be cynical about featured upgrades that having nothing to do with fixing basic core editing. I have fond memories of working with CS1 under the HDV 1.3.1 patch. Using Cineform had much to do with that, but unfortunately, I cannot go back due to licensing.

            I did post a list of known CS3 issues to see if such was fixed in CS4, but after further reading I am led to the conclusion that PPro is in serious need of a core rewrite. Again I'm reading that issues are well known but cannot be fully addressed as engineering resources are being used to write code elsewhere.

            Budgets are due once again, and again, our team is pondering upgrades. For the last three cycles we could hardly wait to get our hands on the next CS release, so we can keep up with outside firms whom also upgrade as well.

            Today is different. The question remains is CS4 a worthy upgrade? Sure, I like text search, and having Media Encoder as a stand alone app that does batch. But I cannot fathom why still image support and other basic 101 editing chores have not been improved or addressed.

            OK, time to step down from the box. I've had my say with matter. Maybe CS5.
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              joshtownsend Level 2
              Ready to edit a feature? I'm probably the first person to do it and I think I lost a few years of my life (would've been better off using CS3 to the cuts, but I had a rough cut in CS4 before I realized how screwed up it is when do things other than just trims). If you do keep your reels size to no more than 15 minutes, try not to spread your media around on a bunch of harddrives because re-linking sucks.

              When I first started I was mad as hell and everyone here on the forums frusterated but since them I've gotten more comfortable with. I've gotten to the point though that I use Premiere for edits-only. No transitions or effects or titles. Everything like that (including rendering) I do in After Effects CS4 which is an amazing, stable, reliable and creative program.

              For me Premiere CS4 is worth dealing with just so I can get it into the slice of heaven that is After Effects without having to render first.

              Here's a link to my post about making editing a feature with CS4. http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b770a1/0
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                Are you saying I should use CS3?
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                  There are a lot of variables I can't give you a straight answer on what you should do. You've been using CS4 for a while I assume from seeing you here so maybe use your best judgment.

                  If you have no real money for the movie and your doing it gorilla style it might be the best idea. If you have the budget I would suggest hiring or using another editor (they might have there own NLE of choice), I found that having somebody in the room while I'm editing helped me greatly. Somebody else gives you perspective when you've become to attached to the movie.
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                    josh forget another editor. I am talking softawre not human ressources. Are you suggesting CS3 is better and more reliable than CS4?
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                      joshtownsend Level 2
                      There's to many variables like, what camera your shooting with and what your final output is to be. If your footage edits fine in CS3 then use CS3 at least until Adobe at least patches CS4 again. I say that meaning if your going to start editing in the next month.

                      After that things change so fast I can give you a better answer with out knowing a lot more about your shoot (when, how long, with what, genre, budget ect)

                      Sorry I can't help better than that.... :)