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    Going from SxS to PC.

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      Silly question but how do I transfer the footage from EX1 to the PC? Do I need a SxS car reader in the PC? Is this USB based?
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          creig bryan-mUOxt4 Level 1
          What? More details, please.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7
            Use Sony Clip Browser.
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              If you have a laptop with a ExpressCard slot (not CardBus), you can pop the SxS card directly in that. (We do that on our Dell Vostro 1500 and Dell Inspiron 6400.) That will give you the fastest trasfer rate. (You can share that drive letter (I'm talking Windows here) if you need to copy the files to a different machine on your network.)

              Or you can hook the camera up to your computer using the included USB cable (included with our EX3 at least) and use the included Sony Clip Browser software as Harm pointed out. That requires some extra software and is slower, but it has the added benefit of linking long clips together for you (clips longer than 2GB will be split up into multiple files).

              You can also buy a USB SxS card reader from Sony (Sony SBAC-US10) for about $260 USD if you don't like either of the first two options.
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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                Shane, that last option is so ridiculously priced, I would not consider it at all. Better to just copy from the camera with Clip Browser or with Explorer from a SDHC card via a card reader that is pretty slow but far easier and much more affordable. I haven't yet found an ExpressCard reader for installation in a desktop, which might be the best solution yet.
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                  I agree on the price (although it is a PCI Express-based reader, which are very scarce, hence the price). I was just presenting the options to juju.

                  If we are shooting to SxS, we've been bringing it in through our laptops. I don't like installing third-party software on my editing machines if I can avoid it.

                  But we also shoot to "KxS" (SanDisk Ultra II SD cards in a Kensington 7-in-1 Media Reader for ExpressCard). Then we pop the SD card in any SDHC media reader, which are built into some of our editing machines. For more info on KxS and other alternatives to SxS, see: http://www.glasseye.com.au/articles/sdassxs/
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                    Am I better off getting the Kensington KxS (which many people claim is unreliable) or the Sony Hard 60 giga hard drive solution?
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                      Harm Millaard Level 7
                      KxS anytime. Nothing unreliable about it and if anything the Sony hard drive does not support overcranking at all. Unless you have lots of money to blow do not choose Sony, but then I can give you my account to transfer some of that unneeded money to me, I have good uses for it.