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    Time Warp issue CS4

      I noticed that whenever applying the Time Warp effect to an MPEG clip, the clip goes black and becomes unusable. Tried this in old as well as new projects.

      However when applying Timewarp in AE, to the same clips, the effect is fine...

      Has anyone experienced this?
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          I have same bag using twixtor, posterize time and all effects who works with clip time .
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            I experienced same "black video" bug with time related plugins liks "Sapphire FreezeFrame"...I think this bug is a result of plugins way of getting frames form original video for processing.

            And here's a quick solution, till an update for Premiere Pro CS4 will be released:

            b Right Click on the clip (at the timeline) that you want to apply your time based effect. And choose "Nest" from opened Right Click Menu... So you will have a nested sequence with your clip. Now you can apply your time based effect (timewarp, twixtor, freeze frame e.t.c.) to this nested sequence.

            It works for me without any problem. I hope it will work for you too, tomst and DenisVID.
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              Thanks! I know about "nest". But it is a bug of premiere cs4. I will wait for update.
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                You have just solved the issue Murat Aykul!

                So it is a bug after all, and one which I hope Adobe is aware of... How did you come about this solution anyway?

                Thanks for your help!

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                  lanstrad Level 1

                  Has the issue been solved yet (we're in May...) - did I miss an update ?


                  Still with the "nest" trick, (unless I missed something...), I still get a video shot that goes to black.