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    Cannot export media Premiere Pro CS 4 Trial

      Well the problem is:

      When I have my cutted video and want to export it via the Media Encoder (to DVD MPEG 2 or DV AVI) it is added in the Media Encoder. I hit the button to run the que. But then nothing happens. The time already passed doesn't tick up. it just sais: encoding in progress. But the time estimates gets never calculated. My CPU goes up to ~16% PProHeadless.exe eats slowly more and more memory. But nothing else happens.
      No error msg or smth like it. The output file is generated but stays at 0 Byte. When I click on abort queue and exit the programms. Sometimes the premiere processes seems to stay alive (hint to a programm hang?).

      What I have done: Followed the hints to add the Premiere Link file in the dynamiclink folder. (I maybe used the CS 3 trial version once, but it was definitely not installed when I installed CS 4 first, and I remember a working video export with CS 3 when I am correct...)

      Reinstalled CS 4 completly. Nothing worked.

      My System:
      Vista Home Premium 64bit
      4GB RAM
      Geforce 8800 GTS (driver already updated)

      help would be appreciated since I have to deliver this video :( thank u a lot.