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    Frame blending on clips @ 100%

      I used to rely on frame blending to provide smooth video, and I can't release any more videos as my customers do complain when it isn't smooth.
      Frame blending in CS4 is only applied to clips that have their speed reduced (or change?) from what I can gather.
      Is there any way to force frame blending on?

      All my footage is recorded at 120-240fps, but the native footage is slightly jumpy which is very noticeable. Frame blending helps eliminate it.
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          Shot in the dark here - Interpret the Footage as normal speed?
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            Level 1
            Doing that wrecked sync with the audio. AND if I resize it, the clip shrinks proportionally each time till it crashes, so it seems buggy!

            I did however find a crude solution that makes video smoother at the same time.

            My clips are at 120-240~fps, I re-encoded them at 30fps using all the frames of course, the result is the same clip but a lot longer and at 30fps. I simply slowed them down (about 800%) till it plays normally. The result is Adobe uses frame blending, and the frame rate seems a whole lot smoother.
            It's easy in Adobe just use the frame stretch tool and drag it to match up with the audio since, the amount of frames is never exactly 240 (usually 231, 238 etc).
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              joshtownsend Level 2
              That kinda makes sense but not really.....Sounds like you might have sone cool footage I'd like to see but I'm confused.....seems likes After Effects Pixel Blending or Boris Optical Flow or Twixtor would be better suited for that kind of work.

              Maybe showing/uploading a clip that worked right in CS3 would help us underatnd the problem your having.