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    SmartSound Support

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      While CS4 is working beautifully, apparently support for the beloved SmartSound Plugin has been dropped. This plugin is still shown on Adobe's website for Premiere Pro. I'm sure the ball is in Smartsound's court, but be forewarned.
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          Smartsound works on my CS4 - copied the plugin "ImporterQuicktracks.prm" to Program Files/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/CS4/MediaCore and it's up and working

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            It creates the music for me in CS4, but it plays back as if slowed down. And when I click on the track to edit it, it crashes PPro.
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              You're absolutely right about the slow play and the crash. I'll try to contact Smart Sound.
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                Smart Sound is aware of the problem - apparently trying to work something out with Adobe.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  There was a thread with mention that SmartSound was not fully implemented in the initial release of CS4. IIRC, Wil (or someone from Adobe) mentioned that it would be fully implemented in the update. Might want to search this forum for the exact details.

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                    Smartsound doesn't come from Adobe, so I don't think that would be the case. I believe Wil said that about AAF support.

                    By the way - I couldn't wait for Smartsounds to update Quicktracks, so I bought Sonicfire Pro 5 - the Express Tracks edition. It's very nice, and it's free if you buy one of their CDs (that was $49.99). It provides all the same functionality, as well as a few new things Quicktracks doesn't provide, and if PPro is open when you export your music, you can select to import it into PPro.
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                      You are probably correct - or maybe it was the lack of the SurCode support upon initial release. My memory needs upgrading!!!

                      I do agree about SFP. My only wish is that it could be incorporated as a full plug-in for use *within* Premiere, a la QuickTracks.

                      Rereading the OP's article, it sounds like the old glitch with the waveform render with QT (earlier edition) and PP2. SmartSound addressed that one a couple of versions back. Still, something in CS4 might have changed the playing field. It only took about 2 mos. for SmartSound to get a fix out.

                      BTW, if you have not explored the full SFP 5, you really do need to watch their tutorial on it. I've been using it since 5 was released and it is wonderful, if you are using their Strata Series music.


                      PS sorry if I confused some Audio issues here.
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                        Eric & Bill,

                        I am a bit confused myself. If I purchase Sonicfire Pro 5 from SmartSound, will I be able to use the 5 or 6 SmartSound CDs that I already own. And will all of this work well with Premiere Pro CS4?

                        Thanks much
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                          You should - I don't have that much experience beyond Quicktracks. I just got Sonicfire 5 last week, but as I understand it you should be able to use them.

                          As for working with PPro CS4, I've had no problems with it. In Sonicfire 5, there is an option to export your created music file into your open PPro project. The only thing that seems to be different is with the Quicktracks plugin, you can double click the music file on the timeline to make adjusts in Quicktracks. Sonicfire doesn't allow that - or at least I haven't seen how to do it yet.
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                            You can use ALL of your existing SmartSound music in SFP 5 (either the basic or "scoring" versions). Now, exactly what you will able to do with this existing music will be based on one thing: the "series" of your existing DVD's.

                            SmartSound offers three "series" of music:

                            22KHz for general "home" use. Each score will have a couple of variations of it available. The ultimate quality of this music will be down slightly from the next two. Works in both QT and SFP. If using QT in Premiere, it will be upsampled to 48KHz for DVD output automatically, but this does not "improve" the inherent quality, just upsamples.

                            44K for general "professional" use. Better quality and has the same number of "variations." This is as high a sample rate as QT's will work with. If in a DVD Project in PP, it's upsampled to 48KHz automatically, but quality will still be no more than you have at 44KHz, just upsampled.

                            48KHz "Strata Series." Now, this is where SFP 5 (and earlier) comes into its own. These are Multi-layer scores and you can use "Mood Mapping," plus the variations of the music to give you infinite versions of the music. The tutorial on www.smartshound.com on Mood Mapping will give you a good overview of the power of this feature. Only the Strata Series Multi-layer discs (and the BackStage series) feature Mood Mapping, though the other formats will work in SFP 5, just without Mood Mapping, because they are not multi-layer music scores. QT's will not do anything with these 48KHz files - no Mood Mapping.

                            Now, on the Strata Series discs, you get both the 44KHz (non-multi-layer) and the 48KHz multi-layer. If you use both QTs and SFP, you will need to install each version, ideally via each program's interface, or insert the DVD and use that music, should you not copy to your HDD. This means that if you do copy the music files, you will need to do it once for QTs and once for SFP to get the full use of that music. This is not specifically pointed out anywhere, that I have ever seen and can be a bit confusing. If you attempt to copy the 48KHz material to HDD from within QTs, you'll get an error message, but not until after you choose that option. IMO, that option should not even be available as it confuses some. Also, if you do not copy over the 48KHz material from within SFP (ideal way to do it, but you can also copy the files via Explorer. I do not recommend doing this, unless totally necessary.), you will not see it show up in SFP as multi-layer. I do not know exactly how this might differ now, with the 2 versions of SFP 5, but the upshot is that you WILL need to copy these files to use the upper-level SFP for Mood Mapping.

                            First time out with SFP3, I wondered where all my music went. I had already copied over the 44KHz material for QTs, but saw no multi-layer music! It took a bit of hunting and inserting the DVDs while in SFP3 to realize that I needed to copy the 48KHz versions also. Now, it's clear. Then, it wasn't.


                            You are correct about SFP 5 (either version) not having the dynamic Duration link, like QTs. That is my biggest complaint, and hope that one day SFP will also be a plug-in with those capabilities. Now, I Export a "reference" AV from Premiere, and Import that into SFP to do my scoring. If the client calls for more edits, then I have to repeat that process. It is about the last thing that I do, for that very reason.

                            If I do not need Mood Mapping, I just use QTs plug-in and the 44KHz material from within Premiere.

                            I'll also have to take a closer look at the "free" version of SFP (not the Scoring Version) to see exactly what it is lacking, but I *assume* that it's just the Mood Mapping and also the BPM adjustments, etc. I could be wrong, so please correct me on this.


                            PS with even just a couple of SmartSound DVDs, I highly recommend doing the copy thing and installing both versions (for Strata Multi-layer music) if you have both QTs and SFP. Though your Library and Previews will contain all of your "installed" music, swapping DVDs to actually work on the files is a bit of a pain. For my laptop, I keep all of these on an external HDD. For the workstation, they are all on an internal HDD. For me, this means that for every DVD that I purchase, I have to install 4x for Strata Series discs, but it's worth the effort. Also, if you keep your Libraries' Previews updated from SmartSound, and check the appropriate search boxes, when looking for music, you get previews of the complete SmartSound series of music. With many of their collections, you can purchase individual cuts, instead of the complete disc. For me, the pricing is not that good, and I just wait until that disc goes on "sale" and buy that, but if you only need 1 cut, then you can get many of these as individual purchases.