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    Media Encoder issue

      I've edited an 8 minute video in very high quality 1920x1080i, originally shot in XDCAM HD MP4 ... with some standard DV .AVI shots included in the video.

      I'm trying to export this timeline to a high quality blu-ray MPEG 2 file - 2-pass VBR, 25 min, 30 target, 35 maximum. Using the MPEG2 Blu-ray preset on Adobe Media Encoder for 1080i 29.97 high quality, but changing 1-pass VBR to 2-pass VBR.

      It starts okay but always stops completely after about 50 minutes or so ... maybe halfway through the first pass. Has anyone run into this problem, or are there any suggestions?

      Thanks very much.

      PS Since writing the original note, various attempts at CBR have also failed. At times the infamous PProHeadless.exe error comes up, at other times everything merely stops.