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    Problems exporting wo windows media

      Ok. I have an ixus camera. I know, not the ideal hardware for source material :) But I got it to work in premiere with the morgan multimedia m-jpeg codec. So now pemiere can handla the movies.

      With cs3, the movies exported fine to wmv. No problems. But with cs4, I get a very pixelated image, if you know what I mean. Like its low resolution, and the resized so you starting to se the individual pixels. If I export to, lets say, quicktime, the image is fine. If I put a check in "allow interlaced processing" it gets e little less pixelated, but instead blury.

      What to do? Is there a new engine for convering to wmv or whats the deal here?

      win xp sp 3
      4 Gb memory
      8800 gtx, latest drivers

      Please advice
      // Magnus