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    Adobe Media Encoder Quality Issues  for 4:3 FLV Files

      I am working in a 480x360 window for a FLV file. Whether I export a 60 minute presentation or a 10 second pre-roll FLV file, the rendered file quality is distorted and poor. I have done the same work in CS3, but as I changed computers, the CS4 was installed.

      With the video presentation, orginally capturing the video is set as .9 Pixel Aspect Ration, but interpreting the footage to 1.0 is also an issue.

      The quality of video that is being produced is much worse then CS3 and unuseable in most cases.

      Frame Dimensions: 480x360
      Frame Rate: Same as source. (29.97)
      Endoding: CBR
      Passes: 2
      Bitrate: 500

      Audio: Mono / 48