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    Cannot export anything at all - Repeated errors

    neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      System Details.
      ASUS Commando
      Intel Q6700
      2Gb DDR2 RAM
      ASUS NVidia EN 8500GT 512Mb Graphics
      XP SP2
      Separate C drive, Audio drive & Video drive.

      After the terrible trouble even getting Premiere to launch because of it's seriously annoying habit of trying to load every single VST plugin it finds including stuff I just do not - ever - want to use in Premiere & finding I have no choice, yet still have other stuff I would like to use unavailable because of some arbitrary limitation - the complete lack of a plugin manager is a scandal. If Premiere would load just it's own stuff by default and allow me to choose what I want to use (as Adobe's AUDIO application does, so why the VIDEO one cannot do the same is beyond my understanding).
      Sorry for the rant - half of this might be why things are not working in the first place.
      During initial launch, I get repeated crashes, vanishing to desktop, plugins that are authorized telling me they are "No Valid License Detected", iLOK keys vanishing (PPro tells me I have no iLOK, yet I do & they work in all other apps).
      Then I get to a stable workspace - hurrah. Problems over.
      Er, no.
      I try to export a simple DV AVI file.
      AME now starts to load lots of pointless plugins (WHY?) and crashes repeatedly. When it does (AFter 6 crashes) start, it then proceeds to tell me that it cannot read from the source file, and export stops.

      What do I have to do to make this work??
      CS3 is fine - for the moment - as I have not yet allowed CS4 to update itself due to other massive issues on a different machine with 4.01 killing a working 4.0 install.

      Someone please help!!