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    bugs in AME 4.0.1

      Every working day i'm discovering more and more bugs in AME 4.0.1

      It doesn't really crash very often, but sometimes produces unexpected (bad) results. I often get 4 to 5 exactly same output files (with suffix _1,_2,_3,_4...) from one source, red random blocks on the output mpeg when exported from a timeline that contains ~60 swf files, misproportional "crop" effect if i use resizing in AME, sometimes the project loads for encoding too long - about 30 minutes while in premiere it loads in a minute, AME sometimes doesn't save the output directory.

      Low quality small resolution output is the final and the most important issue for me. The logic shows that if you have a project in HD and you want to get SD from it then the downscale should be of very high quality, instead the quality decreases... gets blurred and undetailed. "render at maximum quality" doesn't helps at all, only slows down everything 4 times. yes, i have tried to make SD sequence, put HD sequence inside it and scale it down to 54%. but all my crop effects were messed up after this. The quality turned out better (more detailed) but still far from perfect.

      I'm getting these errors on seperate workstations, all of them are Vista x64, quad core, 8 gb ram, AME 4.0.1

      There were more errors but i can't remember them right now ;)
      Any solutions, bugfixes in the near future?

      p.s. why still no jpeg image output?