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    Proxy editing in CS4?

    Nicolaj T Level 1
      To get around the problems of editing AVCHD-files, is is possible to use proxy files (lower resolution files) in CS4 during editing?

      I've seen that some other editing programs has thins functionality: edit lower res. files, and finished editing the program get the full res. AVCHD files to render/export the video.
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          although I have not tested this out, I imagine you would do the following:

          1) import your AVCHD footage into Media Encoder and export them to DV avi (or some other low impact format) files- using the same file names
          2) start up a PPro cs4 project with properties that match the AVCHD properties (1920x1080 24p for example)
          3) import your DV avi files and edit away. You might have to adjust the magnification for your preview monitor since your 720x480 DV clip will be sitting in a 1920x1080 frame window.
          4) when you are finished with your edit, go to your project panel and rightclick on each avi clip and select "replace footage" and choose your original AVCHD clips. Your timeline should now include all the AVCHD with the edits and adjustments you have made to the avi files.
          5) render for final output or go to Encore

          would this not work? I would try it out by my copy of Cs4 wont arrive for another week :)
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            Nicolaj T Level 1

            Thanx, have not yet baught a AVCHD camera (I'll wait for the new Canon cameras that are supposed to arrive in March), so I wont be able to try this out yet. But if you do, please post your results. But the process should work.

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              süsi Level 1


              will try this out

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Here is a LINK to a short article on this. Maybe something of use. Still looking for another link and will post it, if I find it.


                Good luck,




                [Edit] Here's another LINK, but not the one that I am looking for.


                [Edit] Yet another LINK. Unfortunately, most of these are heavy in Premiere Elements. Do not know if any will offer any help.

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                  Ozpeter Level 1

                  In the Premiere Elements forum I posted a method for true proxy editing which I suspect would work in Premiere Pro too, but I've not tried it as I haven't got a current version.  Anyone keen to try the method on a scrap project might care to read http://forums.adobe.com/click.jspa?searchID=1195993&objectType=2&objectID=2222621 and report any success or failure here.


                  In brief you create proxy files using whatever method you like (there are freeware tools for the purpose) and having completed the edit using those files, you replace the references to the proxy files in the project file with references to the real files, then render.  The replacement is done with just a few keystrokes, which sounds quicker than the method described earlier in this thread.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I was about to jump in with the link to your post, now in the Tips & Tricks sub-forum, but you beat me to it.


                    Nice work, BTW,