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    custom workspace does not save

      Custom workspace in PPro CS4 does not save. My new workspace is added to Workspace submenu, tpically with Alt+Shift+6 as a shortcut. It remains
      there throughout the session but when I re-open the application it is no longer there. Infuriating, when you spend an hour setting up the UI over two large displays! Checked Layouts under My Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\4.0\Layouts or Archived Layouts and just it isn't there, nor is it anywhere under Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Pro etc.

      PPro CS4 runs on XP E6600/4Gb RAM

      I see others signalled problems with single panels - possibly the same problem?

      Thanks for any input

      Sydney Australia
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          I had the same problem but it seems to be at least partially resolved after a long talk with tech support.

          Set up your new desktop look, click New WOrkspace and name it "Test."

          If you go to some other workspace, such as color correction, everything switches. Then try to go to "test" and nothing changes at all. But now the check mark should be on "Test" and if you hit "Reset Current Workspace," you'll be asked if you want to reset "Test" to its original layout. Hit yes and that may get you to where you want to be.

          That does nothing to solve the problem of your "Test" not being there when you exit and come back, but I also had that problem and it seems to have solved itself. Saving as a CS4 may make a difference ... and part of this problem may come from importing a CS3 project.

          Who knows? Hope this helps.
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            Thanks Paul, I did what you suggested and PPro CS4 crashed!

            So I tried more things - sorry it's a long post but THERE'S LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL:

            I opened a project (let's call it Project 1), extended the application partially over 2 screens, changed the size of Source and Program windows just to make it a bit different, saved the new workspace as "jeremiah" (lamentations, all that stuff...), and at every step I moved an item on the timeline to be able to do a Save immediately after.

            Then I closed the project, leaving the application open, and opened Project 2.

            **** Note that I had selected Windows>Workspace>Import Workspace With Project****

            The two-screen application UI remained unchanged, and Project 2 openend with its own STANDARD editing layout (the default PProCS4 Editing preset, that is) STRETCHED over the two screens. Then I closed this project and re-opened Project 1. The layout was the one I had saved as "jeremiah", with the two windows resized. Close Project.

            I re-opened Project 2, still stretched over two screens, as checked what workspace was active. It was "Editing" (Premiere's preset). Then I selected "jeremiah" and nothing changed, that is, the layout remained "Editing" (Premiere's preset), only stretched.

            So I clicked Window>Workspace>Reset current workspace... and "jeremiah" reset OK to the same layout I had in Project 1. No crash this time - POSSIBLY because I had saved the procet before resetting the workspace. So I saved the project to see whether, when I re-opened, it would keep the "jeremiah" layout.

            So I closed this project - or tried, and Resource Central popped up to tell me "We're sorry, but there was an error communicating with the server. Please try again and if the problem persists, Contact Adobe Technical support. (0)".

            Tried again - same result. However the project did close when I selected File>Close Project.

            So I went back to the first project and it was still sitting pretty on workspace "jeremiah".

            Next I tried to open an entirely new project (Pal DV widescreen 48k) and - wow - it opened on "jeremiah"!


            Next test was to close PPro CS4 e reopen it, and see whether workspace "jeremiah" was still available.

            I opened Project 1 and "jeremiah" was there - although the application was maximised on a single screen, and to get "jeremiah" right I had to stretch the appliation over two frames. But that's a small effort, even though Premiere 2.0 remembered the application's restore settings and this one does not (yet, hopefully, Adobe?)

            Next I'll try to shut down the computer, restart it, re-open Premiere and see whether it all works OK, in which case I guess the issue of saving custom workspaces is sorted out...

            Wish me luck!
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              Latest... YES "jeremiah" is there AS LONG AS YOU SET PREMIERE TO IMPORT WORKSPACE FROM PROJECT (Window>Workspace>Import Workspace from Project) when you close it, and open a project which runs the custom workspace you want. Then you can open a new project and it'll retain the selected workspace.

              Premiere will still open maximised on a single screen, with all panes squashed together, but as soon as you restore the 2 screen view everything will fall into place.

              Half a day gone but at least there's an answer...