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    Imported AVI - Audio OK  - Video will not advance

      Long time PP user. Running PP CS4 most current version. Captured DV video with PP CS4 is perfect (PCM Audio Codec; DVC/DV Video codec; 29.97 fps). Used Camtasia 6.01 to capture software training screen & mouse & audio tracks and save as 800 x600 AVI file (Audio codec 0x0055 MPEG-1 layer 3; Video codec tscc TechSmith). The audio & video codecs are installed properly per GSpot v2.70a. Computer is Pentium 4,3.2 GHz,4GB RAM. The Camtasia generated AVI files work fine in Camtasia and in Windows Media Players(9 & 11). When imported to Premiere Pro the audio plays just fine (from both preview and when placed in timeline sequence) - but in all instances (even post render & export) the video will flicker but not advance any frames. The computer is not locked up or frozen in any way. Problem occurs even when captured screencast is at 30 or 15 fps - so it doesn't seem to be an audio-video synchronization problem. It is almost as if the video is waiting for some permission/script/cue to allow the video to advance. In digging through clip properties, settings & project & timeline toggles & options I cannot find any switch that could be related to stopping/freezing the video. To determine whether it was Camtasia software I downloaded some well known other screencast programs and their AVI files (with Audio codec 0x0055 MPEG-2 layer 3; Video codec MP43 S-mpeg 4 verion 3) had the same problem when imported to PP CS4. Any suggestions would be extremely welcome. Thanks.