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    How to colour-correct using offline/proxy files

      I'm a 5D2 owner (be careful what you ask for - you might get it!) and I've seen the post on proxy files - makes sense. But! How do you colour correct the movie clip/movie if you are working with offline files?. Seems to me that using proxys may effect the colour and you need to see the originals to make an educated correction. That means looking through all the originals and applying the color correction and rerendering - lossy then re-rendering the movie -even more lossy - or taking the finished renderd project and applying colour correction as you go along - again - lossy and not easy to do.

      Confession time - I'm not a CS4 owner yet (close) I have an old PP license and PE but since I'm dual platform my other option is FCP so perhaps someone can convince me in light of my question above