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    Playback HDV files

      I have no problems playing the my captured HDV files with WMP.
      However, when I export the timeline through the media encoder using mpeg-2 with HDV settings (1440x1080i) WMP cannot play the resulting file. I also notice that windows explorer does not display the resulting video file as a thumbnail with the first frame. So there must be something different between how it is captured and how it is exported. Does anyone of you know what can be the difference?
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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          No thumbnails in WE for HD(V).
          Use VLC player or something like Power dvd to play the mpeg.
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            Tpfkas Level 1
            Hi Ann,
            What do you mean with No thumbnails. The footage that I captured directly with Premiere in HD-format display correctly. HDV files created with the media encoder don't.
            The VLC player does play the files correctly, so I don't have a real problem. I am just trying to find out what can be different between files that are directly captured and files that are created with the Media Encoder.