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    Exporting to tape CS4!!!!!!


      I am currently using Premiere CS4 and i am stumped as to why i cannot export to tape. All deck settings have been checked and Premiere controls the deck and puts it into record but the screen is black with no picture or audio.

      Why is this?? Does anyones CS4 export to tape. Nightmare.

      Please can someone help.

      Many thanks
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          Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

          I may have had a similar issue. I'm going by memory and a copy of CS3 I have on my home computer... Go to the Sequence Monitor window and click on the drop-down menu, I believe to "Playback Settings". In our copy of CS4 "External device" was set by default to "None". Change that to the correct available option, and your export problem may be solved.

          At work we look at our DV cam decks, DVD decks, VCR's and Beta Decks, realizing that one day soon hopefully, a new standard will emerge. These complex mechanical heaps will be replaced by Flash drives and Flash drive players.

          Copy and paste digital. So much easier, 100% accurate, less headaches. A 64GB Corsair Flash drive can be had at Fry's on sale for around $100. Someone could easily make a Flash Player something like a Sony DSR-11 but with a a monitor screen, operating system and a load of outputs available at the back.
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            fuaho Level 1
            Well, yes and no.

            For any ongoing professional operation, there are archiving considerations that still depend on tape backups of edit masters.

            "Tape is cheap!"

            Cards are not...

            While it's great to be able to acquire on tapeless media, there are presently the never-ending format wars that have entered yet another stage of wasteful and useless competition: SxS v. P2 being just one example.

            File structures are insane and opaque.

            Having just waded through a multi-platform, HiDef project using tapeless media, I can tell you that DVCAM is a walk in the park by comparison!!
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              joshtownsend Level 2
              'SxS v. P2'

              I don't see any similarity. P2 cards are made for 100mb/sec data rate that DVCPROHD needs.

              All the cams that use SxS the needed data rate is half of that. I don't see why that can't co-exist. I don't think it's the way the data is carried is problem and competition is good for the market because it brings the prices down. Look how expensive Blu-ray STILL is because it has no competition.

              The problem is with the codec's all these new camera shoot to. Each time a new camera comes out the companies have to change the codec's around, latest example being the Sony's new 4:2:2 AVCHD 40mb/sec data rate.

              There are how many different types of tapeless codecs? Sony must have at least a dozen. Panasonic only has a couple.

              Video camera's have come out of the analog world and into the digital world were everything changes every year. I don't see it getting any better any time soon.
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                Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3
                I was referring to show master delivery. I wasn't suggesting archiving video on flash drives. Tape lasts longest and works best for many people. Raid 6 would work best for us, allowing file safety and quick, easy cataloging + access to media.

                Delivering Show masters on a Flash drive could be made to work. Just export the finished video from Premiere in the format the client requires and copy the file to a Flash Drive. Of course there is the matter of the Flash card player, that I mentioned in my earlier post.

                BTW, Western Digital just announced a 2TB drive that should become available at the end of this week.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  >Sony's new 4:2:2 AVCHD 40mb/sec data rate.

                  That's interesting. Care to elaborate?
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                    Level 1

                    You were right charles, it was set as default:-none in the playback setting. I have since changed that and now the program monitor has a playing back title but still no video or audio. The deck is still controlled by Premiere but no output.

                    Is there something i am doing wrong? Does anyone from ADOBE have an answer because this is killing me.

                    Many thanks
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                      joshtownsend Level 2
                      It's called HD422 more info here:

                      Recording Format Video: MPEG HD422 (50Mbps) MPEG HD(35/25/18Mbps) MPEG IMX(50/40/30Mbps) DVACM(25Mbps)
                      Proxy Video: MPEG-4
                      Audio: MPEG HD422 4ch/24bits/48KHz MPEG HD 4ch/16bits/48KHz MPEG IMX 8ch/16bits/48KHz, 4ch/24bits/48KHz DVCAM 4ch/16bits/48KHz
                      Proxy Audio: A-law(4ch/8bits/8KHz)

                      Also Panasonic has an AVC-intra codec that 4:2:2. Like I was saying camera are and the codecs are going to change.
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                        Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                        In "Playback Settings", I set both "Realtime Playback" and "Export" the same; DV: 29.97 70x480i.

                        While recording video and audio to tape, The actual video and audio didn't play back in the monitor. There was just a still graphic. The video did record to tape successfully though.

                        What deck are you using?
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                          Jim_Simon Level 8
                          Thanks for the info Josh. That's not really AVCHD, though. AVCHD is a very precise set of specifications. It could cause confusion to call those other formats by that name. Evan Panasonic's AVC-I is something 'different' than AVCHD, and should not be called such.
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                            Level 1

                            That is exactly what i have done except im on dv pal but same applies but still nothing. I get the graphic now which i didn't get before but still no video or audio!

                            I am using a dsr-11 dvcam deck. Is there any other reason why this will not export??!

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                              Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                              We also use the Sony DSR-11 deck. I can think of four possible issues:

                              1.) With the deck plugged in (firewire) to your computer. Put in a tape that has already been recorded. Check it in the capture window to make sure the deck is communicating with your computer.

                              2.) Make sure the switch on the front of the deck is set to "DV".

                              3.) Make sure the switch in the back of the deck is set to "PAL".

                              4.) Make sure the timeline you are recording from is "active". I remember in a previous version of Premiere this could be an issue, but I can't remember if "Export to Tape" was just grayed out in the menu.
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                                Level 1

                                I have done all of the above and still nothing. The computer will capture ok with no problem, its just that it woun't export. I have noticed that the marker doesn't move along the timeline when its exporting which it should do right?

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                                  Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3
                                  The Timeline marker should move as the sequence is being recorded to tape. Have you checked the settings in the "Export to Tape Dialog"?

                                  Also, have you installed all of the available updates for CS4?
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                                    Level 1

                                    Thats what i thought should happen with the marker but it doesn't. In the "export to tape diag" what should i be looking for?? As far as i know all the settings are correct.

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                                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                                      >The Timeline marker should move

                                      Careful here. A timeline marker and the Current Time Indicator (CTI) are two very different things.
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                                        Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3
                                        Thank you sir, that is correct, CTI.

                                        At the bottom of the "Export to Tape" dialog, does the status of your deck show up as ready and online?

                                        Is the deck play and record button successfully activated (red light on) from Premiere when you attempt to record the timeline to tape?
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                                          Wow, how'd that happen? 4.01 update apparently breaks export to tape for DV. Adobe is supposed to be working on a fix in the next update. I'm told the fix should be coming soon. In the meantime, you can uninstall and reinstall 4.0 to make it work again (Somebody in Adobe QE has got to red faced).
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                                            Level 1
                                            Okay... My facts are wrong. What 4.0.1 does is reset a playback preference so that the default export option is "none". To fix it, choose Sequence > Sequence Settings > Playback Settings. Now set the the External Device under Realtime Playback to DV and set (this is the important bit) the External Device under Export to DV. Click OK a couple of times and you're good to go.
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                                              Eddie Lotter Level 4

                                              Awesome. Thanks for the info Mitch.


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