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    Format Video for Orion Video Wall

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      I am going to use a 3x3 Orion video wall and would like any help that can be provided on setting up a video for this application. I would like to have videos or text play on the different monitors at different times. Is there a way to set up a grid in Premiere?
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          shooternz Level 6
          Surely you need 9 video streams for this project so your mission is to edit 9 and somehow be able to preview them simultaneously to "simulate" the end result.

          I would suggest 9 timeline sequences and then a Master Nest Sequence with 9 Pic in Pics set up. Its going to be a bit trial and error doing it this way but should work.

          Tip: Turn off the eyeball in the Nest sequnce while you are editing the build sequences so it does not try to update on the fly.