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    Video doesn't play

    rlinsurf1 Level 1

      I've gotten a bit farther with my project. All the source files are captures from a Decklink HD Extreme in mjpeg format. I want to export the finished project to h.264 using Encore.

      So I setup a new project using AVCHD 1080/50. I imported in all the clips -- but none of them play. I can move the head around, place them in the timeline, double-click and open them in the viewer and see them, but when I press play, nothing happens...?

      What am I doing wrong?
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I thought BlackMagic hadn't yet provided drivers for use with CS4.
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            rlinsurf1 Level 1
            Right, it isn't. I captured the video with their own Media Express capture application.

            The files are mjpeg .avi's and import just fine, but they don't play in PPro.
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              fuaho Level 1
              Try the LEAD codec at:


              Download & install the trial version. If it works for you, it's only $9.95 to buy/register.

              You'll also have to set up sequence playback to Desktop and perhaps modify one of the existing presets.

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                rlinsurf1 Level 1
                Thanks, William--

                Can you tell me how to modify the preset -- and which preset I would need to dynamic link the project to Encore for burning to Blu-Ray using h.264?

                Well, now I'm having even more problems. After installing PPro, my BlackMagic card is no longer functioning.

                Can someone tell me the right way to completely uninstall PPro and Encore, etc? That's what they want me to try next.
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                  fuaho Level 1
                  First off, I'm not sure why you would be using an AVCHD preset as that has little to do with MJPEG.

                  I'm not at a computer that has Premiere on it, so I can't give any specifics until later tonight. And you have some time before you'll need Encore anyway. Plenty of time to read the Manual.

                  Before uninstalling the software, I'd try removing the drivers for the card and the card. Since the material is already in there as MJPEGs, you may be able to proceed without the card until you finish the project.
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                    rlinsurf1 Level 1
                    Hi, William--

                    I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you.

                    All My Best,