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    Never used adobe video editing software

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      I am considering Adobe cs4 but hesitate because my only experience with video editing is with Pinnacle studio. I am not the fastest gun in the west learning computer programs. My questions are:
      How difficult is it to learn?
      Are there good video teaching aids to help someone like me?
      Is cs4 more stable than premiere elements 7?
      Does cs4 have everything I need to do wedding videography?
      Do I need more computer power than Adobe recommends?


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          dsladek Level 1
          Hi David,

          I really think you will find the transition to Premiere easy, feature rich and very rewarding. You're coming in at an especially good time because now you get Encore and OnLocation all included with Premiere.

          There are lots of helpful tutorials provided in the Adobe Video Workshop and lots of help from Adobe LiveDocs. Curt Wrigley has lots of great wedding related video tutorials online at WrigleyVideo.com. There are also many free tutorials at Lynda.com and other web offerings, remember Google is your friend for free help.

          Go for it, you'll be glad you did!
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            Answers to questions in the order which they were asked:

            In my opinion - not too difficult, but there's always a learning curve and countless moments at first of, "Now how do you do this?"

            Lots of things to help learn - Total Training, Lynda.com, books, etc...

            I've not used Elements 7, so can't comment. But with CS4 some are having a great experience, others are having issues - it depends. I'm loving it, but I'm sure some others will tell you otherwise.

            It has all you need and much, much more.

            I would say yes - get as powerful a computer as you can afford. But if your cutting DV standard def, you should get by with what they recommend...
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              If you are going to spend the money I highly recommend spending a little extra for the Production Premium suite. You will kick yourself later for not getting After Effects and all the other tools. It is DEFINITELY worth the extra money now for the bundle.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                David G,

                Way back when, I used Pinnacle S-7, 8 & 9. Moved to PP and never looked back. There is more "hand-work," but so very much more power. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but a good read of the manual, a read of this forum (don't forget to go back and see previous versions, because much there will help you find where things are located and how they work), the various tutorial sites, and most of all, the Premiere-pedia, http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Adobe_Premiere_Pro_Wiki

                As for Elements, I have PE4 and find it more difficult to use, than Pro. Remember, I have been on Pro for some years, and have used it exclusively. I picked up PE4 to handle odd CODEC files, that it does better than Pro. If I am correct, PE3 was closer to Pro, than is PE4, or PE7. Both are "big button," kinda' like Pinnacle Studio.

                If you can use the power of Pro, I'd urge you to look at it closely, especially with Encore. If S-12 does it for you, then PE might, as well. When you use Encore to author DVD's, you will never look back to either PE, or S-12.

                Remember, if you do go with Pro, do read the manual, if for no other reason than to find the correct terminology, to ask questions here, in such a manner, that the Pro users can understand what you need. I flew with the manual for two months and have re-read it about 4x, over the last four years. Each reading reveals something new, or something that now makes perfect sense, when it was Greek to me initially.

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                  akribie Level 2
                  Perhaps the most important questions are:

                  What prompts you to seek a new NLE program?

                  What sort of thing are you wanting to do with it?

                  It's all very well getting top-of-range software at a big price, but you might well find that Premiere Elements will do all you want, especially the excellent bundle with PhotoShop Elements.