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    help with stuttering/jittering problem AFTER export

      Hi all,
      I'll describe the problem, then the solutions I've tried. First, my system is a Dell Precision 690 3.0Ghz dual core, 2Gb ram, win XP pro service pack 3, Premiere CS4. I also updated to the latest nVidia drivers (8 Jan 09, ver 181.20) which fixed a separate crashing problem with CS4.

      Here's the problem. My video in the timeline previews perfectly. No jittering, stuttering, or flickering. When I export my video, I always get some scenes jitter or stutter (the action in the scene jumps around back and forth). This generally occurs in the same places of a scene. I don't have any stills or freeze frames.

      I've read some of the forum threads on flicker and stutter, but they mainly apply to a frozen frame, or picture. I've played with the following with no effect: anti-flicker, gaussian blur, increasing my bit rate, exporting to different formats (mpeg1, avi, wmv).

      My frame rate is 29.97 drop frame. It wouldn't allow me to change my field order. Other settings are NTSC, multiplexer (Mpeg1) (I'm not sure what that does), multiplexer bit rate=variable, video bit rate tried at CBR= 3.0Mbps, and VBR1 (min=1, avg=3,max=4.5).

      This is driving me crazy as my timeline preview is perfect. Please help!!!
      Thanks very much in advance! Also, is CS3 less problematic than CS4?
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