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    Is the EX1 dead?

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      The more I think about it the more I believe the EX3 was created to replace the EX1 altogether. I feel soon the EX3 will be the only reference among professionals. Just go to the Sony site and the only thing you see in the EX category is the EX3. Many video stores now display principally the EX3.

      The fact is the EX1 is constructed like a HDV camera while the EX3 feels like a real high end HD CAM camera. You know the EX1 will be obsolete eventually while the EX3 is designed with such versatility it may still be around in 10 years.

      The fact is even holding the EX1 is a drag. It is heavier than the Z1 and just as awkward while the EX3 is a half shoulder camera. The EX3 has a professional viewfinder while the EX1 still has that "prosumer" flip out system. Finally the lens option makes the EX3 a clear choice for any future upgrades.

      You can pimp up the EX1 with hoods, plastic viewfinders and special shoulder mounts to play catch up but in the end you'll wonder why you didn't get the EX3 in the firat place.

      The EX3 is really the all in one camera while the EX1 remains a high end prosumer camera. Is it worth it for me to sell the EX1 on e-Bay and get an EX3 on Globalmediapro (They sell it for 6000 euros and I can sell my EX1 for 4000. That's a 2000 euro difference). My feeling is 6 months from now the EX1 will not sell for even 3,500 euros.

      What are your thoughts on this? Do you think I should switch now while I still can?