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    Dissolves disappear when I render

      I have a short 3 minute time line of about 60 still pictures where I have added 2 second dissolves between the stills. They play out fine without render and I can see the dissolves working fine, but when I hit the return button and render, they disappear after the render and everything is back to a straight cut on playback. I have just drag/dropped the dissolves from the effects window onto the two adjoining clips and I can see them there before the render.

      Anyone with a simple answer?

      CS4 Premiere Pro ver 4.1.0
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          Click on yellow Opacity line and right click add a keyframe. I don't know why or how, but credit goes to someone on this forum for the workaround. note I have done a slideshow where this has occurred and others when it did not!
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            I'm feeling rather stupid about this but as a newbie to PPCS4 I hope people understand.

            As per Fred's suggestion; I can see a yellow line near the top of the clip, I can rt/click on it but the menu that comes up has no "add keyframe" selection, not even greyed out. All that I can see is the last selection which says; "Show Clip Keyframes" but no add keyframe option in there. What am I not seeing? Where am I not looking? Can this problem have something to do with mixing jpg and psd files on the same timeline??

            Simple cross dissolves would appear to be at the very least the absolute easiest, most common task that any NLE could possibly asked to do other than string clips together as hard cuts. I can do this in free programs - hell even Premiere 1.0 from the 90's could do it without breaking a sweat. So I can't understand at all why anything this basic and this common to an NLE could be so frustratingly difficult to accomplish. That's my rant, sorry - but who wouldn't agree?
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              Ok, I did succeed in figuring out how to add a keyframe to each clip and then the dissolves worked after rendering.

              Weird Weird Weird.

              Thanks for the tip Fred.
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                Sorry my bad, memory not as good as it should be. With the timeline marker anywhere on a clip "Ctrl right mouse click" will at a keyframe and your transition will be visable again.