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    Just Installed Wndows 7 64 beta and Nvidia 185.20 beta driver

    joshtownsend Level 2
      T works great all day today. It's so much faster, programs load in twice the time. Also searching through folders is so quick, the folders you click on open so fast my eyes don't register it. Not joking it's a big difference.

      You can also install it over a current Vista install and not have re-install a single thing except for the video driver.

      There were a couple of problems I had with Premiere that only happened on my 64 bit install. Nothing changed everything works exactly like it does in the old Vista installation good or bad.

      I did this on a fluke because I was going to re-install Vista 64 anyway.

      Anyway it's free and lasts until August and works good so far. Wouldn't use it on big projects but I plan on playing with it. It's crazy how fast everything opens. Boot time is about the same though.