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    nVidia's New Drivers are No Good

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      For kicks, this evening I took a perfectly working workstation, made a Norton Ghost backup, and proceeded to install the latest nVidia driver (Jan 9, 180.2).
      When I fired up Premiere CS3 (been running on that workstation for about a year), I knew things weren't right when inside a project, I click a tab to change timelines and the whole screen goes black.
      On another test, I imported some XDCam folders and the screen went black.

      An hour later, the system goes to standby (sleep) mode and shortly thereafter, I try to bring the system back up, but it never recovers.

      Back to Norton Ghost image of the working system with a driver from over a year ago that is stable. These new nVidia drivers are probably half the problem we're all having with CS4. If they can totally screw up a CS3 setup, then I have no trust in them for anything at all.